Tom and Indy have come a long way from that first night in the alley.

With their future seemingly as bright as ever, and their relationship having grown stronger from facing numerous trials together, it would almost seem like there was nothing left that could possibly tear them apart.


Then Tom and Indy learn the hard way that having too trusting a nature can come back to bite you in the butt. Faced with the ultimate betrayal, and an interloper determined to come between them, Thomas and India have to fight harder than ever to hold onto what they’ve built.

With the groundbreaking ‘Heroes’ center set to have its grand opening in just a few days, the timing is all wrong for another hurdle. But fate has its own timing.

Will the pair jump this hurdle and race toward their future? Or will India be forced to choose between Thomas and the one man she might possibly love more than him.  Get your copy now.