Hero 5 is finally LIVE Y’all 🙂 Here is the final book in the Hero series!

Hero5HunkStripeMeet Thomas Vega. Budding entrepreneur and newly focused on acquiring the one thing in life he wants the most.
Thomas Vega and India Gibson have come quite a long way. It would seem that after all they’d been through, they were finally in a place where everything between them was settled. He thought they were happy and content. But not quite.

Meet India Gibson. A woman in love, confused, hormonal and unable to answer the one question she has longed to hear for months.
When the pressure becomes too much, India gives in, despite her mind telling her to run in the opposite direction. Thomas then sucks her in and takes her on the ride of her life, giving her wave after wave of intense pleasure. India knows full well that she’s in over her head, but she’s powerless to stop it now.

But neither of them could have been prepared for the bit of news that takes both of them by surprise.

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